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Mummy knows best – Part 1

KissJane Editor's Choice by Digital Infleunza

Rachel owns a local marketing agency in Singapore, OCG and is also one of our featured writers in Digital Influenza. At 30, she is a young mummy with 3 amazing kids and is our first to come to mind to showcase the kaleidoscopic shopping experience of local brand, KissJane. In our first collaboration with, the local hero for aggregating top blog shops in Singapore, Rachel writes on her choice of wear.

This month, i was invited to be the incumbent feature for KissJane Editor’s Choice. I was surprised at their choice of choosing me to front this, as i’m not a blogger nor a fashion model! LOL… But after hearing their idea of having a new segment to showcase special hand picks by fashionable individuals in their own field, I felt really honoured! KissJane shares the same belief as i do - Fashion is for everyone and STYLE is about individualism. Being a fashion fanatic & shopaholic, i would not say no to this then. =p


Black is not boring

Tadaa! Sharing with you on my first favourite… This Houndstooth Polyester Crop Top (Black) with emboss prints caught my eyes instantly. It reminds me of a bomber jacket, but a lighter & more stylish option! It is versatile for mix & match to bring out the style & look which you desire, from cool rock to casual sexy.

KissJane Houndstooth Polyester Crop Top

KissJane Houndstooth Polyester Crop Top

Crop Tops are obviously cropped and sit slightly above the belly button. Some of us may not be too comfortable wearing them. Don’t let your confidence bring you down. Crop tops are comfortable & flattering if you match your bottom well. Similar to what i’m wearing in the photo, you can pair it with a short tight skirt to balance the long sleeved top, or high waisted pants/ midi skirt if your crop top is short or sleeveless.

Rachel Pang OCG

Perfect for Friday Dinner Date

This crop top comes in interesting graphics too. Choose from Zippy, Catty, and Houndstooth Top in Black, White. My hand picked collection is exclusive at at a special flat rate of $28.00 SGD. Limited pieces only so grab your favourite design now!


Zippy Print Crop Top


Catty Print Crop Top


White Crop Top








Catty Print Crop Top by KissJane – $28.00 SGD
Zippy Print Crop Top by KissJane – $28.00 SGD

My second piece is a chiffon waist peplum top. I believe most of you already have enough peplum tops, but this is unique! I have chosen something that is more adventurous with a chiffon semi translucent peplum instead, which gives a slight see-through effect around the waist. I like this clever design of “cropped” & peplum both rolled into one, and the elegant hourglass flaunt it gives to the body. Paired with skinny trousers which is in trend now, it is totally flattering for someone short like me (160). Makes me look more curvy & taller! =p


The top is sweet, pretty & light. Love it for my casual fridays to feel good as i hang out in the cafe over a coffee, looking at passer-bys and daydreaming of new ideas.


Top comes in light blue and white

This is available in light blue and milky white, also priced at flat $28.00. KissJane will take about 2-4 days with free local postage. They have international shipping as well, so shop to your heart’s content at their online store.

The third piece i want to share today is a casual top which is such a dear, with adorable detailing of embroidered little girl pattern. A light weight & comfortable blouse, this is perfect to pull over on a Sunday family day out with the kids! With 3 active toddlers in tow, you can image the amount of big movements i must be prepared with, thus my attire must be able to accommodate that, without making me look like a sloppy auntie. =p


Nadia, KissJane Team, showing how the blouse can be worn

For a casual look, you can pair this blouse with a denim mini skirt or jeans. For a work look, pair it with executive skirt or trousers, complete with a nice pair of dangling earrings.


The little girl prints got to me!



This is only Part 1 of my feature writeup. In our first collaboration, KissJane & i will working on 15 designs. Will share more with you soon!

Follow them and enjoy affordable fashion, as they offer a wide range of designs & styles from different popular blogshop brands. Look out for many more super cool local women who will be featured on You will be spoilt for choice! We never will have enough clothes, do we? =)

I hope you do also love these gorgeous wear which I have selected for you. This collection is now available in limited pieces, at a never before special flat rate of $28 on!

Grab your favourite now! See you there!




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