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Your Pezzo Pizza Personality + Giveaway Contest

Ever wondered what your favourite Pezzo pizza(s) say about you? Each Pezzo pizza has got its own unique character (and taste of course!), so let’s see if it matches up with yours! 


Pizza Type: Hola Hawaiian, Chicken Delight

Your personality: Down to earth, Compassionate, Easy-going

Ah the classics. You tend to be more of a “better-be-safe-than-sorry” kind of person instead of a risk taker. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! You know what works and you stick with it, after all, why change something that isn’t spoilt in the first place? Honest, compassionate and easy going, your friends know they can definitely count on you if they need a listening ear or an extra pair of arms. 


Pizza Type: BBQ Bonanza, Pepperoni Party

Your personality: Sociable, Outgoing, Affectionate

Our party favourites, these get a party going. You definitely know how to have fun! Extroverted, social and outgoing, you’re fun to be around. You’re also likely to be someone who cares deeply about your loved ones. You believe that “good things must share”. After all, what’s the point in enjoying something (or some place) when you can’t share that experience together with at least one other person?


Pizza Type: Cheesy Cheese

Your personality: Laid back, Trustworthy, Kind

Nahhh, you’re far from cheesy despite your love for cheese. But how could we blame you when our Cheesy Cheese pizza checks off all the winning elements of a feel good rom-com with our union of mozzarella, cheddar, edam, parmesan and feta cheese? Like a feel good rom-com, you’re a mix of a few things: laid back, trustworthy, empathetic and at times, an unexpected daredevil who knows how to have fun. So it’s no surprise that your friends love being around you. 


Pizza Type: Singa Laksa, Chicken Rendang, Sambal Ikan Bilis

Your personality: Creative, Adventurous, Open-minded

Like these three pizzas that give you both local and western flavours, you believe in the best of both worlds. You’re flexible open to trying new things, creative, adventurous and easy going. You see life and in extension, food as an adventure.


Pizza Type: Big Daddy, Meat Munchers, Supremo

Your personality: Outspoken, Brave, Ambitious

Love Pezzo’s “heavyweights”? Well, nothing makes a statement quite like a pizza loaded up with as much meat as humanly possible to stomach. You are very vocal about your feelings and your opinions. After all, you have nothing to hide (like your humongous appetite). You possess a strong sense of pride in the people you love and things you do.


Pizza Type: Hot Chick, Mexican Mania

Your personality: Driven, Go-getter, Sassy

What is life without a little ups and downs? You love things with a little kick, the adrenaline rush is what gets you going. Challenges? Meh, you don’t bow down to them, you love the thrill. You’re a risk taker, competitive and driven; you know what you want and you have your eye on the prize.  


Fisherman’s Favourite

Your Personality: Principled, Intelligent and Critical

Fisherman’s favourite indeed, because like a fisherman, you’re principled, intelligent and critical. You don’t make choices without considering them wisely. You also enjoy appreciating the finer things in life. Hence, it’s no surprise that your friends and family often flock to you for opinions and advice. 


So what is your pizza personality?


Facebook LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT Contest – Pezzo Pizza Personality

We want to give 3 lucky fans a treat! Each winner will win a free pan of pizza on us! Join our Facebook page and tell us what’s your pizza personality by leaving a comment at our contest post (pinned to the top of the page). Remember to like and share the post! 3 lucky fans will stand to win a pan of favourite pizza each! Good luck! :)

Note: Contest closes 31 May 2016, 2359hrs. Only open to fans currently residing in Singapore

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