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8 Reasons Why Singaporeans Need Food Delivery


We may be a small nation, but food seems to be Singaporean’s favourite passion. It does not matter whether we choose to cook, eat out or call for delivery. We love food, and we revel in the plethora of options that we have. Add that to Singapore’s fast pace of life, it’s no surprise that we’re no stranger to food delivery services such as Foodpanda. Here are 8 reason why we Singaporeans need food delivery:

1) When the only thing you can cook are instant noodles

And perhaps a sunny side up too. But that’s okay! With a plethora of food options for food delivery alone,  we can probably find a meal we enjoy more than the one we whip up ourselves. Plus, the added upside is that we don’t have to clean up the kitchen after! All we need to do is order, eat and bin the trash!

2) When you’re too busy/tired to cook 

After the end of a work day, all we want to do is rest and recharge before yet another work day begins. How many of us would still have the energy to cook (instant noodles are not counted!) Also, you could most likely get your food delivered to you the same time it takes you to prepare and cook. So why not take a shower and relax while you wait?

3) When you’re just too lazy to walk/cycle/take a bus to get food


Somedays we just don’t feel like “working” (or moving) for food. That’s okay, because food can come to you instead. All you need to do is move a few fingers and walk a few steps to your door., that we’re sure you can definitely do. ;)

4) When it’s pouring so heavily that even the umbrella won’t keep you dry

Making it back home drenched after braving the rain to get food doesn’t sound like a very worthy quest. With food delivery, your food will be delivered to your doorstep no matter rain, shine or haze.

5) When the sun doesn’t give you a chance

We all know days like that, when it’s so hot out there, we joke that we can cook an egg on the pavement (which actually may not be a joke with the temperatures these days). We would love a roasted chicken for a meal, but we definitely wouldn’t love feeling like we’re getting roasted by the sun, that’s for sure!

6) When you’re tired of the food at the nearby coffeeshop/food court

And you may only eat from the same few stalls, which also means less choices to choose from. With food delivery, the only thing you’ll fret about is: which one should I get?

7) When you just want to snuggle up with your favourite box of pizza and watch your favourite show 

This is almost like therapy for the heart and soul because who doesn’t love the feeling of a warm pizza box sitting on your lap? And this can only be done when you have pizza delivered to you!

8) When you have a huge group of friends over for a party/gathering

One of the biggest problems when dining with a huge group of friends would definitely be the difficulty in finding seats for the entire group, especially when reservations are not allowed. With food delivery, that wouldn’t be a problem, the only thing you need to worry about is agreeing on what to order. ;)


One of the most popular food delivery choice among Singaporeans is the pizza! Because they are great to share with family and friends! And our favourite is Pezzo pizzas because they use quality ingredients to make their pizza. We love that they use only freshly made dough that’s made daily, no frozen dough! Not only that, they also use extra virgin olive oil, which is one of the best oils! Plus, they are super generous with their toppings! We counted (yup we did) 72 pieces of pepperoni on our pepperoni pizza! (which is a great party choice, by the way) This is why we are so happy that they now deliver islandwide from! :)

Pssst! Did you know that you can order lasagna from Pezzo’s food delivery menu too? And here’s a promo code (THANKYOU!) for you to get $5 off your Foodpanda order! (Min. order $15, and for first-time orders only)

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