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Curating the sphere of opinion leaders.

Digital Influenza curates all interesting social articles that are interesting for lifestyle related to food, travel, fashion, travel and ingenious marketing. Besides searching for the best related contents in these area, contents are curated either from the opinion leaders that forms part of the Digital Influenza network or generated by our editorial team.

Digital Influenza is also an interesting place for brands that would like to look for strong opinion leaders for digital word of mouth.
This is a free-for-all platform that sports interesting facts and figures of our opinion leaders as well as re-posts of their articles.
However, if you would like to engage our company’s services for more ideas on how to engage your consumers in Singapore and Malaysia, please look for us here.
Digital Influenza
is maintained by OCGroup
A Singapore-based boutique agency that has done integrated local and regional works for many brands since 2007.

We specialize in managing our client’s campaigns from concept to strategy and implementation works, social marketing being one of our strength.

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*All contents are meant to light hearted and non political motivated. We respect Intellectual Property. In our course of producing these content, we use our best diligence to ensure all images and content are properly credited and back linked. If you feel that we have mis-used your content, please feel free to contact us.