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If you have not been here, you have not been to Bangkok

Bangkok JJ Green

019-1Unlike most tourist posts about Bangkok, this short excerpt is just about one place that most reviewers have either missed out on or not been to. We happened to chance upon it during one of the random conversation with locals.





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Getting There. If you have WIFI, getting there will be a breeze. We stayed in Amari WaterGate and JJ Green is about 6km away on google map. We used GRAB TAXI APP and just pumped in the road name “Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd”. Two great things about GRAB TAXI. One is the astonishing number of taxis that are using it. The second is that they are expected to switch on their meter so there is absolutely no hassle at the end of the trip. The ride took less than 15 mins to reach there and the service fee is 25BHT. Brilliant.

When to go. We were there on a Saturday night so the place was blooming with locals, mostly tertiary or young working couples. We were told JJ Green opens from Thursday – Sunday and the probable best time to go is in the late evening till late. At the gate of JJ Green, we were greeted by many cars taking part in Car Boot Sale and it almost felt that we were in a Gypsy Market. A very unique and different kind of feel you get from your normal Bangkok city buzz.

 * A point to note is that it is really walkable from the famous Chatuchak Market. If you have the appetite and the stamina, you might want to visit the day market and walk down for a chill beer at JJGreen.

What we did & loved about the place. We probably been to Bangkok no less than 10 times over the last 5 years, JJ Green was like a refreshing minty gum that you just popped in your mouth. The crowd were not seen with their pradas bags and ferragamo shoes. Well dressed nevertheless, they oozed their own style with cool hats, bags & accessories. Almost everyone had a different style.  We actually felt young (again) mingling with the crowd and everyone was just really friendly and nice. No one was too eager to sell their ware which is, out of the world.

A lot of these stores are a walk down memory lane. We found one store that was selling all our favorite tikam toys for a mere 10bht. Check out the fun we had posting on Facebook on this one!


A lot of pre loved items, especially converse shoes that are going for 150bht. Other great finds were cool ornaments and vintage furniture that could find in abundance at every corner of the market.

Converse Shoes

Some of these pre loved are actually impressive new

Spider man

Spidey among the rest of the M&M and other cool characters at this vintage shop

Found this spiderman and was tempted to bring it back to Singapore. It costed about S$1,000. Absolutely gem. 

What makes a great place?  Great ambience is a result of spontaneous crowd, deco & great food & drinks at great prices. JJGreen has a couple of bistros that are filled with amazing unique creative deco and acoustic bands. The menus are all in Thai but they should hardly stop you from getting what you want. After 4 bottles of beers and 4 dishes, we were merely setback by 550bht. 


Nice use of recycled materials

Nice use of recycled materials

What they did & loved about the place. Do a search on #JJGreen, JJGreenMarket and you will see great photos posted by locals and tourist all over the world. Post your comments if you have other great photos to share. In short, we had a great time at JJGreen & will strongly recommend a visit if you are going Bangkok anytime soon. go visit JJGreen before it turns into another tourist attraction.

Below are the 6 favorite Instagram pictures we found. 

























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