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How to make your own lantern to impress your kids…

DIY mooncake festival

How to make your own lantern to impress your kids this Mooncake Festival

Mooncake Festival is actually today and it coincided with the school’s holiday as well. If you have some time over this weekend fun, it is an inexpensive and fun way to interact with your kids.
Step 1:: Anyone can do this with some hard metal which you could get in hardware stores. For the material, you could either use tracing paper or lantern paper (available in bookstore).


Step 2:: With a bit of creativity, draw your 2-dimensional design on a wooden board. If this is your first time, don’t be afraid to copy it from somewhere else and modify it. Work with your kids on this creativity part. It’s really fun!


Step 3:: Build a frame. With a design that you have done, nail down the boundaries. Trace the metal wires unto the boundaries once you are done. Use a pincer to cut the metal and twirl the metal tight. Duplicate the 2d frame you have created and add “bones” to your structure. It might require a bit of brute strength here so kids may require parental guidance here.

image 2

Step 4:: Here’s a more detailed look. Lots of metal twirls to stabilize the whole structure.



Step 4:: Skin your lantern. There is patience required as inexperience hands may end off with a lot of frustration. Keep the paper taunt throughout. I added a personal touch to the pig’s ear with a little moving mechanism that you can view below. Otherwise, let the kids’ play with their imagination with the coloring. For better effects, try to use fluorescent colors.


Step 5:: So there you have it! With a candle light, you are good to have the best moon cake festival this year with your kids! Enjoy!


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