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M is for May…
M is for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day falls on 10th May this year, and is a special occasion to show our love and gratitude for our mom.

Being someone who is so close to us, we tend to grow up and take for granted that whatever she does is of her duty to do so, and that no matter what, she would always be here by our side.

For those staying with their mom, you get to see her everyday but do you spend time to sit down and have a nice chit chat with her? For those who are not staying with their mom, when was the last time you visited her?

We might not be able to say “I Love U” everyday, thus Mother’s Day is that special occasion where we can to do something really special for our mommy dearest. Grab this once in year opportunity to show we care by making the effort to romance her, like how we romance our girlfriend/wife. Every lady loves to be loved, and to receive surprises that will sweep her off her feet. Don’t forget that your mom is still a fair lady, no matter how old she is.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?
Have you thought of how to surprise your mom?
Let’s hear from our busy influencers amd also see what’s up their sleeves…

“My mother likes perfume and has an extensive collection. What’s more perfect than an elegant set of designer perfume, complete with flowers!”

Timeless Glamour

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“Work absorbs our daily lives, but family is always important and should not be neglected. I find it important to prepare a Mother’s Day gift for my mother as a reminder of my love for her.
As you know, it can be abit embarrassing for a guy to be seen carrying a bouquet of flowers on the street, thus Noel Gifts becomes my first choice when it comes to gifting. Being an established brand, I can always find quality gift sets and be able to make hassle-free order online. It gets delivered right to her doorstep to surprise her!”

“My mum has a soft spot for jewellery, clothes and hand creams. As I just bought her a necklace for her birthday recently, I figured the Playful Elegance Gift Set which comes with a lovely bouquet accompanied by Crabtree & Evelyn’s hand cream and bath gel would be a good gift to pamper her. My mum has been advocating the use of hand creams since I was in my teens and thanks to her golden words of wisdom, my hands have gotten smoother and softer over the years.
I’m sure the flowers in this gift set would perk up her day at the office, plus she can easily pop this handy hand cream into her handbag and keep her hands hydrated throughout the day.”

A cozy celebration at our favourite restaurant is never complete without a surprise gift at the end of the meal. To be able to put a smile on my mum’s face and see her eyes light up when she receives a gift she adores truly warms my heart.

Playful Elegance Gift Set

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“Every year, I crack my brains thinking about what would make a special gift for her. I chanced upon Noel Gifts when my company ordered corporate gifts from them. I was pleasantly surprised by its plethora of gift options for Mother’s Day too! This year, they have gone one step further by bundling their gorgeous floral bouquets with practical gifts ranging from spa treats, hand creams, perfumes, cakes, organic tea, nourishing tonics to even jewellery! There is something suitable for every mom!

Thanks to Noel Gifts, I can now spring a surprise on my mum this Mother’s Day with the click of a button, regardless of where I may be. This is such an ingenious idea as it makes gift shopping more thoughtful, and also quick, convenient and absolutely fuss-free too!”

Playful Elegance Gift Set

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“Mother’s Day is a very important day to me as it is a great opportunity to make my mum feel extra special.

As a mom myself, I lead a busy lifestyle with work and family too and don’t have much leisure time to hit the malls. You know when you want to find something in particular, you simply couldn’t find it there and then. Lucky for me, Noel Gifts is the perfect place for me to order a special gift for Mother’s Day!

Besides the traditional hampers & flower bouquets, the e-store also offers other well-thought choices and endless gift combinations for you to spoil my mom. Noel Gifts also have hampers and gifts combinations for all other occasions. Convenient for busy moms like me to find a nice gift whenever I need.”

Lady Yang

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“This year, besides flowers and a nice meal which is a must for Mother’s Day every year, I decided to add an additional touch. I ordered this combination gift set – Lady Yang from Noel Gifts. I feel that other than a nice bouquet of flowers, my mom would be happy to get the wine, cake and chocolate for our Mother’s Day celebration. Price for this is $74.90 including GST. This is seriously value for money, don’t you think so?!

“Mother’s Day happens only once in a year, and I believe this occasion acts as a reminder for us to show gratitude to our mother. My mother plays such an important role in our development, and our gift for her is a way of demonstrating our love & appreciation.

The first thing when I need to buy a gift is to check out Noel Gifts. The convenience and assured quality of Noel makes them a natural preferred choice for me. I like the fact that I can have a wide variety to choose from, enable me to order online instantly, and have the gift delivered straight to my mum’s doorstep!”

“My mum has a sweet tooth, thus I would like to send her a this lovely set of flowers, tea and honey so she can have Hi-Tea in the comfort of her house. Honey is a great supplement for her too, so I believe she will love this surprise and put it to good use.”

Organic Honey Sweet Tea Time

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Every day can be a special day. Look no further as Noel Gifts is your preferred choice to find creative & quality gifts for any occasion!

~Bringing People Closer~

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