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Every lady needs to have a favourite perfume


Perfume is what every lady would need.

Not that you smell bad (#blamethehaze), but it brings out the femininity and allure in you. Chosen right, the perfume which you wear is a tell-tale sign of  your personality and leaves an impression with people around you.
Most importantly, your favourite fragrance can give you a boost in confidence and make you feel ready for the day! :)


Much to my surprise, i’ve found out that many ladies didn’t know that they have been wearing their perfume wrongly!


If you have been spraying perfume only on your clothes, please stop doing it!

- Perfume is meant for application on skin, not on fabric as the fabric fibres might distort the scent, and cause stain spots on clothes.
- Simply dab or spray on pulse points such as sides of neck, behind earlobes, wrists, back of knees.
- Do not rub your wrists together as it will burn off the top notes faster and your fragrance would last for a shorter duration.
- Apply on moisturised skin, so your fragrance can cling on to last longer.
- Spray from a distance 20-30cm away from skin and let it falls gently onto the skin.
- Besides the pulse points, do you know that the hair fibres can hold fragrance longer too?

That’s how “perfume rain” is derived, to smell good from top to toe!

Eau De Toilette is a common favourite and contains about 5-15% aromatic compounds. It can last for an average of 4 -6 hours. If you are out under the hot sun, well… your spritz might last for a shorter time.


I’m a hopeless romantic, and i love anything sweet & floral. You can guess what’s my kind of fragrance right?

So… introducing my personal favourites:

Dior Addict
Eau Fraiche
Eau De Toilette

*For my casual days

dior addict


Chanel Chance
Eau Tendre
Eau De Toilette

*For work days & occasions to feel sexy & important. Especially when i need to meet clients. I have this in hair mist too, which i carry in my makeup pouch.

chanel chance


On top of these, I’ve just acquired a new love from Anna Sui’s Autumn 2015 Collection – ROMANTICA! Thanks to the media event held by the Anna Sui brand team from Luxasia.


Anna Sui has been a favourite brand since my teenage days. My first perfume and blush were from Anna Sui. The exquisite detailing in product packaging & that signature rose fragrance in all her cosmetics makes the brand an all-time favourite. Not just that, their pricing is definitely pocket friendly!

Here’s a closeup photo of Romantica. Who creates beautiful bottles like this?!

Noticed the similarity in my choices? Pink = Sweet & Floral!


Romantica is the Floral Jewel in Anna Sui’s fragrance collection. It is like an enchanted bouquet of blooms – sweet, alluring, romantic yet playful.
Fruity top notes of Calabria Bergamot, Mandarin essence, Sparkling Pomegranate and Water Quince, leading into floral notes of Rose de Mai, Osmanthus, Jasmine Petals and Orange Blossom, and settles with White Ceylon Cedarwood, Sheer Amber, Indonesian Sandalwood and Creamy Musk.

My verdict: I first caught a wisp of the fragrance coming from the ribbon corsages which were given to us, and i was wondering whoa this smells really good. What is it?! Sweet, yet not overpowering. It gives you the feeling of first love. Romantica… indeed.

If you have the same “taste” in fragrance as i do, swing by Anna Sui counter in Isetan Scotts or BHG Bugis to lay your hands on Romantica, and fall in love with their line of lovely cosmetics!

So i’ve shared mine. What’s your favourite fragrance?


Hugs & Kisses,

Lady Editor Rachel


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