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5 beauty essentials to stow in your carry-on bag

Don’t leave the
country without these!

Traveling light doesn’t mean you have to forego your beauty regimen and have to endure looking like a stowaway. Looking a million bucks whether you’re strutting down the streets of New York or lying by the pool in Bali can be a breeze if you pack smart and only bring what you really need.
Here are 5 beauty essentials that savvy jet-setters swear by, guaranteed to have you ready for your close-up both on any runways (airport or sidewalk).


1. Dry Shampoo

By no means should any self-respecting woman resort to using generic hotel shampoo. Respect your mane or you’ll live to regret it! Washing your hair every day while on the go can be a hassle, but you can supplement that with a dry shampoo that will lift your roots and also give you a nice voluminous slept-in look.


2. Face Mist

If your skin feels tight or you’re just in need of a mid-day pick-me-up, reach for that face mist. Face mists are godsends while on a long-haul flight when our skin is parched and needs that hydration. Just a spritz or two and you’re ready to go again.


3. Day and Night Skincare Set

Forget about transferring skincare products into travel-sized bottles or having to lug along a big heavy pouch. Good things come in twos and all you need is multi-functional skincare one for Day and one for Night.
Power packed with multiple skincare benefits such as anti-ageing, hydration, sunblock, restoration and more, they come in pretty nifty airless-pump bottles that open with a twist and are spillage proof. Even better, they fit in your carry-on bag to have you covered 24/7 even on a flight.


4. Cleansing wipes

Leave your bottle of facial cleanser at home and swap them with a packet of handy cleansing wipes instead. Get one that removes your makeup with a few good swipes and doesn’t leave behind a greasy after-feel. They can even double up as wet wipes for your hands! You can cleanse, put on fresh makeup and be all ready to greet your destination.


5. BB Cushion/Cream

For that final step to have you leaving your hotel with only flawless skin, make sure you never check in without your trusty BB cushion or cream. They usually come with SPF and also helps cover up any last-minute zits without being too heavy on the skin.


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