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Born in the 70s? It’s time to change the way you shop


The “Colorful World of Benetton”, the mis-matching color phenomenon of “Hunting World”, “Sonia Rykiel”, “MGM”, “Jean Paul Gaultier”, “Trussadi”…If you were born in the late 70′s & early 80′s in Singapore, you probably seen and probably had bought one too.

What was it like in 1970s-80s – The first evolution against western influence

Repulsive it might seen, it was however a first major score for local fashion here in Singapore.
Coinciding with Singapore’s booming economy, teenagers find themselves with more pocket money and started their splurge on branded goods. A era of constructive struggle between western influences & self individualism, it was perhaps Singapore’s fashion at its best with our fringe keeping teenagers parading the streets with fluorescent MGM jeans and checked Hunting world’s shirt.

singapore fashion

singapore unique fashion – Picture Credit to

21st Century - The Birth of Online Blog Shops kickstarted a new Retail Shopping Experience for Singapore.

Another new era has obviously evolved and yes we are talking about blog shopping in Singapore. An initial trend that started in local forums where girls would discuss what’s hot and not in localized fashion, the platform has now moved to well polished online stores and some of these brands are reportedly selling hundred thousand of pieces a year.

In fact, it’s more than teenagers that are hooked to this new exciting way of shopping, women in their 20s and 30s are finding it irresistible to go online during coffee breaks and high teas sessions with friends to discuss and giggle uncontrollably over their loot.

Here are some shops in Singapore that are changing the landscape of retail shopping. These shops produce quality women’s apparels designs at less than $40 per piece, a fraction of what you pay in traditional brands like ZARA, BYSI, MYPOSIS etc. Because these designs are produced exclusively in 100-200 pieces, chances of you seeing another you is rare on the streets.

Kissjane new website

KissJane  - Providing a Kaleidoscopic Shopping Experience
Started back in 2010, their first outlet is a small outlet in CityLink Mall. They have since grown to be established in most part of Singapore with presences in Bugis Junction,  VivoCity Mall, Century Square, Jurong Point Mall. Besides their own comprehensive online store, they have recently collaborated with Rakuten to launch their overseas presences as well. With over 100 designs per launch, they could have the biggest design launch weekly in Singapore.

#1 – They are LOCAL. 
Most of the online shop owners are local entrepreneurs and definitely worth our support. We often see the glamour side of the business with all glitters and media. But no business is ever a success without enduring pain. We hear these owners operate with minimal manpower and goes through tirelessly on the end-to-end of producing good designs, traveling overseas to manufacture and acting as customer service to their fan base.

#2 – No. Inventory. 1,000 designs a week to choose from. 
KissJane has close 1,000 design changes a week with over 45 brands. That’s seriously exciting and different from shopping in Metro and OG in the 90s. Having no inventory and great supply chain management seems to be the key to their business model. The stocks moves arounds the different platforms (i.e. retail outlets, multi online platforms). For consumers like you and me, it just feels like paradise.

#3 – Exclusivity (well.. sort of) 
No one wants to be caught dead with a similar dress while walking down the street and it used to be very expensive to try to maintain that in the 80s. You would have to go the ‘branded’ way just to look different from others. Well not anymore. Each design are usually in the quantity of 100-200 pieces so once sold, the brands will move to other designs.

#4 – Chic not Cheap (well.. it’s not very expensive either!) 
Walking into their stores feel like you are browsing the latest weekly fashion magazine in Singapore. The latest trending designs are always

KissJane Retail Outlets

KissJane seems to have got a great reputation for selling latest trending quality pieces at great prices. See review here by Smart Local

There are not the only stores around that have a local multi label concept. Over the last few years, we understand that a few competition has came up to increase the liveliness of this industry. Here are the more notable ones which makes shopping so much pleasure here in Singapore than in the 90s.

MIYOC - one stop market place
Retail presences in Orchard Central & Jurong Jcube, they have a wide variety of brands that are catered more to the younger crowd.



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