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Dream Making In Melbourne

What is a dream holiday to you? In conjunction with possibly the hottest MediaCorp Chinese drama of the year, “The Dream Makers 2”, we want to redefine the best of Melbourne so that you’re set for the ultimate dream vacation experience of your life! Here’s 8 defining reasons why...

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As you might have already guess (if you are following me on Instagram @renzze), I’m currently in Osaka, Japan for a quick business trip. My dearest friend, Sushi, wanted to join me for a quick getaway but having the responsibility as a mother to 2 children made it quite...

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Excerpt from Digital -Kakis Bistro and Bar one kind of dining places that appeal to any local Singaporeans, it is those that offer an instant escape from the hustle and bustle of town. Better yet if they are nestled amid a lush and tranquil garden! Ying Jie, a digital...

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