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Guide to Boracay


Just got back from Boracay , Phillipines in jan ! Tt was such an amazing island , the beach is so beautiful !!! And so i have decided to provide guides to those who are interested in visiting :) Hope it would be helpful.


1) Planning your stay - You should plan for at least 5D4N up till a week’s trip to boracay cos travelling ( back and froth ) will take you about 1 day each. Totalling up to 2 days.

2) Travelling - we took a 4hrs flight by tiger air to kalibo ,then 2-3hrs land transfer by bus and lastly we took a 10mins ferry at caitclan jetty, tricycle to hotel. Whole journey will take up almost the whole day. On the day of our return, our transport picked us up at 9.30am when our flight was at 4pm. We only reached sg ard 8pm. it was such a tedious journey just by getting to the island. We bought the land transfer+ferry+tricycle tickets on the plane (Tiger Air). We saved a lot of trouble cos there’s other fees like terminal fee etc. *It is cheaper to pay in peso. & the company handling the transfer was southwest.

3) Accommodations - we booked 2 diff resorts from . The Rieseling Resort & 7Stones Boracay Suites. we would recommend 7Stones because it is closer to the beach at Station 2 where most activities take place. Do also check out the hotels in Station 1. The beach there is beautiful! The sand is ultra soft and white especially the beach right outside fridays resort. If you are looking for a hotel that is more affordable, check out Island Nook Boracay Boutique Hotel! It is located within Station 2. Friendly owners and you can book island hopping through them so you won’t get ripped off by the others.

4) Food - Try Messa, Smoke Resto, Lemoni Cafe (Brunch), D’Talipapa Market, Real Coffee & Tea , jonah milk shakes . D’Talipapa Market has an interesting concept. You choose the seafood, meat, veg that you want. After purchasing, you enter any restaurant nearby and they will cook it. We spent about SGD$80 for that meal. we don’t fancy the food but it’s a good experience though. Rmb to bargain!

5) Activities - We wanted to go to Crystal Cove, Puka Beach and Ariel’s point but the current was too strong so we didn’t in the end. Do check out if you are going. Go for parasailing during sunset (SUPER PRETTY!!! Approx 1500 peso each), helmet diving(it’s ok~), island hopping (Check out the islands you wish to visit and ask the boatman if the weather is ok for you to go that day. We paid about $1600 peso each for island hopping.) & for the party animals , pls visit club Epic. It is said to be probably the most happening beach club in boracay where they have famous guest dj spinning through the night.

7) Weather - since we tot it was a beach vacation all we had was bikinis and beach wear ! it was surpringly cold when we were there, the wind was howling non stop & it gets worse when in the nite. so remember to bring jackets & do a weather check !

8) Shopping - there’s not much to buy there though. They have pretty bikinis but the prices are almost the same as SG.

9) Spending - in total, we spent about SGD$1.3K each for hotel, air tics, expenses.

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